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This software is written in Go - the WYSIWYG lang

Why I wrote this software?

  1. I wanted to learn Go and I needed a non trivial application;
  2. I use Pusher in some projects;
  3. I really like Pusher;


Download pre built binaries

You can download pre built binaries from the releases tab.

I do not have a Windows machine, so I can only distribute binaries for amd64 linux and amd64 darwin.


$ go get github.com/dimiro1/ipe

or simply

$ go install github.com/dimiro1/ipe

How to configure?

The server

    "Host": ":8080",
    "SSL": false,
    "SSLHost": ":4433",
    "SSLKeyFile": "A key.pem file",
    "SSLCertFile": "A cert.pem file",
    "Apps": [
            "ApplicationDisabled": false,
            "Secret": "A really secret random string",
            "Key": "A random Key string",
            "OnlySSL": false,
            "Name": "The app name",
            "AppID": "The app ID",
            "UserEvents": true,
            "WebHooks": true,
            "URLWebHook": "Some URL to send webhooks"


Client javascript library

var pusher = new Pusher(APP_KEY, {
  wsHost: 'localhost',
  wsPort: 8080,
  enabledTransports: ["ws", "flash"],
  disabledTransports: ["flash"]

Client server libraries


Pusher.host = 'localhost'
Pusher.port = 8080


$pusher = new Pusher(APP_KEY, APP_SECRET, APP_ID, DEBUG, "http://localhost", "8080");


var pusher = new Pusher({
  appId: APP_ID,
  key: APP_KEY,
  secret: APP_SECRET
  domain: 'localhost',
  port: 80


This software uses the glog library

for more information about logging type the following in console.

$ ipe -h

When use this software?


Feel free to fork this repo.


Pusher is an excelent service, their service is very reliable. I recomend for everyone.

Where this name came from?

Here in Brazil we have this beautiful tree called Ipê, it comes in differente colors: yellow, pink, white, purple.

I want to see pictures


Claudemiro Alves Feitosa Neto


Copyright 2014, 2015, 2016 Claudemiro Alves Feitosa Neto. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.