Claudemiro Alves Feitosa Neto (dimiro1)

Hello my name is Claudemiro, I am from Brazil, I like programming languages, backend applications, I have a BS degree in Computer Science concluded in 2012.

I am mostly an autodidata, Learned Ruby, Java and now Go by myself. Today I am very interested in Backend programming, Ruby and Go. You can check my github account to see some projects I had developed in my career.

I already developed, emulators, many media websites, Penny Auction websites, real time backend software and a lot more.

Things I like

Projects I was envolved

Personal Projects


Penny Auction websites (Swoopo Like)

And a lot more that I can not put in this list :(

Get in touch

Get in touch with me if you would like to talk about programming, English language, Brazil and other random stuffs.